Maren Telsemeyer

Wieselweg 7

59071 Hamm

I am a certified communications trainer, coach and mediator.

I give trainings and workshops on solution focused communication, cooperation, negotiation skills, intercultural awareness and presentation skills in international companies and universities.


My passion is the solution focused approach. The focus of my work is to find solutions instead of solving problems; to create cooperation instead of analysing conflicts.


My trainings are interactive and flexible. Participants have the opportunity to experiment with the contents of the seminars and adapt them to their own situations so that every participant benefits from practical experience.


I am a German native speaker and am fluent in English. After my international studies in England and Germany, I worked in the European headquarters of Google Inc. In Dublin, Ireland in the Marketing & Sales department.

Later I trained colleagues, external agencies and clients in the areas of customer service and solution focused communication where I discovered my passion for training and coaching.


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